imageBusiness and technology assessments (or ‘needs assessments’) are a very effective way to jumpstart the conversation with a SMB customer. Whether you’ve already adopted this practice or not, there is an equally effective way for you to deliver them with the Microsoft Business and Technology Assessment Toolkit (BTAT).

Customers need reasons to purchase that make sense to their own business. This holds true in any industry regardless of what you’re selling.

Typically, you use available product or solution-based messaging that can go as far as their size, type, or model of business. When you want to step that up, you bring in customer case studies and references to assist. Those are a great idea too, as this recent BusinessWeek article explains.

But where many will stop (including your competitors), you can take it up one step further. When you offer a prospective customer a free no-obligation assessment, you deliver them a customized needs analysis that pinpoints where their own business and technology gaps exist.

Rather than starting with a generic pitch, you’re able to go to the root of their problem, spend time with them to build a relationship, and deliver them value from the get-go. All of a sudden you’re their trustworthy expert, and now you can work in the other messages that meet their objectives to close the deal.

Business and Technology Assessment Toolkit

The BTAT assesses the business and technology needs of your SMB prospects using our step-by-step approach. There is also downloadable support materials and training information. The latest version of the toolkit offers a range of new features such as:

  • New assessments to evaluate your customers’ server, mobile, desktop, and Exchange needs, including SBS 2008, EBS 2008, Windows Mobile, Office 2007, and Windows Vista.
  • A product-driven customizable question bank that enables you to better tailor assessments based on your product and solution expertise.
  • New report generation for partners to fully customize and give to their customers.

Recommend the Right Server Solution Tool

You can also try the new Recommend the Right Server Solution tool to help you identify which server solution best fits the needs of your SMB prospect. The tool’s Q&A-based decision tree flow helps you uncover your customer’s current business infrastructure and future aspirations, as well as sales and services opportunities for you.

The outcome presents a server solution that corresponds to either SBS 2008, EBS 2008, or a stand-alone server configuration.



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