This is a question I get from time to time – one that I would love to get asked more often actually: “Does Microsoft have anything I can use at my event / a tradeshow I’m participating in?

The answer is, YES! There is an entire professional event-in-a-box kit available for you to use!

What’s in the kit and how do I get it?

The kit is available at no direct cost to active SBSCs in Canada. It includes:

  • 1 SBSC designation standing tradeshow banner
  • 1 SBS/EBS product standing tradeshow banner
  • 1 SBS/EBS product tablecloths
  • 30-40 SBS/EBS product giveaways (either t-shirts, stress toys, or pens – depending on the quantity you require)

To get it you simply have to email me at and describe your event. We’ll send it out to you, and you’re responsible for shipping it all back.

If you think you’ll need it, email me soon so we can schedule your event in.

It’s important in your marketing efforts to have an events strategy. Getting in front of your prospective customers should be job #1, because you can be a lot more convincing then any material. There are local tradeshows for you to setup in, chambers and associations to speak at, and best of all events for you to run for your own customers.

Karl Palachuk, a SBSC in California, also has some great insight to share about giveaways and events.



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