Written by Stuart Crawford, SBSC Community in Alberta

Heartland Technology Groups formed in 2001 out of a need to share business processes and purchasing power, and to create a community where knowledge, information and friendships could be shared.

HTG10 is the 10th out of 20 peer groups of 12 leading Microsoft Small Business Specialists from across Canada that are currently meeting at the Microsoft office in Vancouver. Their partnerships and trust in each others business is especially important given the status of the global economy. Microsoft SBSCs and partners come together and take down the protective barriers that many of us put up, leaving our members exposed to reveal the truths about our businesses.

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Members in HTG Canada come from across Canada and meet quarterly for 2 solid days of business planning, strategies, reworking, learning and interaction with peers. It is a benefit to learn from each member and have new strategies to take back to their businesses. HTG is about accountability and execution, many times as SBSCs and business owners we have no one to be accountable to except for ourselves. Now HTG members have a virtual board of directors who hold everyone accountable to what they say they will do.

HTG was formed by Arlin Sorensen of Heartland Technology Groups and has 20 peer groups with specific groups focused on Canadian members and also a group in the UK. If you are interested in learning more about HTG visit http://www.htgmembers.com or email me in Canada at stuart@stuartcrawford.com.

Stuart Crawford

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