Eric GalesThere’s an article from a week back in the Financial Post written by Mary Teresa Bitti, outlining how small businesses should be using technology to succeed today. A large portion of the article comes from discussion with Eric Gales, our VP of SMS&P at Microsoft Canada.

I’ve pulled out some highlights below, but you can read the entire article at Tech spending helps cut costs.

Nobody denies that IT can help, says Eric Gales, Microsoft's vice president, small and mid-market solutions and partners in Canada. "The question is, which technology? How do I prioritize it and how do I use it to reconcile those investments?"

He breaks it down. Business is a fairly simple concept. Come up with a value proposition in the form of a product or service, find customers for it, sell it to them and, in an ideal situation, collect the money before you have to pay it out.

"Technology can help along that full continuum, from originating a product, which can actually be an IT product [as is the case with Complete Innovations] all the way through to collecting the money from a customer," Mr. Gales says.

"When I frame it in those terms, it makes more sense. We can break the technology down into components and look at what the most appropriate technology is for each client depending on where they are on the continuum."

… He argues the technologies available to the largest companies are increasingly available to the smallest companies - think mobile integration, video conferencing capabilities - at an affordable price point.

"Many think that technology is not accessible to them. It is," Mr. Gales says. "Microsoft's Small Business Server, for example, is enterprise-class technology. It has a server platform that connects multiple users who can share data on-site or wirelessly over the Internet. It incorporates a lot of flexibility to communicate based on the modality you are using."



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