I have two very helpful updates to share with anyone working with or ramping up on SBS 2008.

Outlook Anywhere Connectivity Issues

Thanks to David Lee, SBSC in Ontario from DigiVie Communications, for sending this in. David came across a common problem in both of his SBS 2008 installations with Outlook Anywhere, and summarizes the scenario/fix here for some connectivity issues.

From The Official SBS Blog as well now:

We have discovered an issue where connections to Outlook Anywhere are extremely slow or fail completely. This issue also affects other sites that use the SBS Web Applications app pool. The reason this happens is due to the default setting of ASP.net 2.0’s default maximum concurrent requests of 12 per CPU. When using RPCProxy which is used by both Outlook Anywhere and TS Gateway, the connections are asynchronous which can cause you to hit the limit of 12 pretty fast. For more detail on thread usage and this limit please read.

Blueprint Book Now Available!

Our very own Philip Elder, SBSC in Alberta from MPECS Inc., recently released his new Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 Blueprint book written with Harry Brelsford of SMB Nation.

You can read into the table of contents of it here. Note that this is not similar to the ‘red book’ that many of you are accustom to with SBS 2003. That book was targeted towards passing the old Microsoft 70-282 technical exam. This is more of a technical guide, with a more advanced version in the works for the future.


Satish Kanwar
Breadth Channel Development
Microsoft Canada

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