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Written by Elisabeth Vanderveldt, SBSC PAL for Eastern Canada

Both the National Post and now ITWorld have confirmed that the taxable benefit concerning IT hardware purchases is in effect and, given the economic conditions facing small business, both journalistic views from these two publications strongly urge your clients to purchase computer hardware as they can write off 100% of the value in the tax year that they purchase it. This incentive is aimed directly at the small business sector.

Armed with this information, you can do a few things to help yourself get a piece of that purchasing action:

  1. In your newsletter or blog (or prepare a special email) add this as an important item (ALERT!), especially for those current and potential clients that are looking to reduce their taxes before their fiscal year end, and especially in consideration for this year as part of the overall budget strategy (which of course you can offer to help them with). This will also help push sales that may be sitting on the fence.
  2. Make a special offer that includes helping them take advantage of Microsoft’s Big Easy 2.0 (I did the paper work and it was fast and very easy). So now you are offering to save them on the hardware (via tax breaks) and software and perhaps throw in a little something else.
  3. If you haven’t done so now may be a great time to hold a webinar to talk about your special solutions and add the two offers to enhance the value. Showing you are looking for these benefits that help the client will show that you value and understand the importance of helping them keep money in their pocket or getting money to reinvest in more technology.

You come out the winner IF you let your clients and your prospects know you are on the lookout and you have the answers.

Elisabeth Vanderveldt

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