After an exciting launch last week of the new Microsoft gamePLAN marketing tool in Canada, I am pleased to now share access with all of you.

Thank you to the 100+ of you that came to the SBSC and Ultimate VAR kick-off webcasts to learn about what gamePLAN is, how to use it, and how to get your accounts first.

For those that haven’t heard yet, gamePLAN is a fast, easy-to-use, and practical email builder. It comes pre-loaded with professional artwork that you can customize and send out on-demand to your contacts. You also get back full email reporting to track your campaign success.


Read my original post on this here.

Click here to register your gamePLAN account

Click here to access the demo training on-demand

Post your questions in the comments. Q&A:

  • We are working hard on a French version of the email template and expect it to be available this month.
  • We are fully funding the first 50 emails to be sent out of this and will put up a notice on what happens after that is completed.
  • We understand that you would like new templates added semi-regularly, and maybe even newsletter templates. These are all ideas we’re working through for the future.  For now, send the first template out so we can all see how successful this can be!


Satish Kanwar
Breadth Channel Development
Microsoft Canada

Thank you for reading...

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