Written by Stuart Crawford, SBSC Community in Alberta

Leading Microsoft Small Business Specialists in Canada have invested in the growth of their businesses this week in Dallas, TX. The annual Heartland Tech Group Summit started this week and a number of Canadian firms are participating including a group dedicated on SBSC’s in Canada who are committed to being the best of breed in the Canadian ecosystem.

HTG Canada is the tenth group out of 20 small business IT consulting firms and invites only the top Microsoft Partners and Small Business IT Professionals in Canada to participate in their quarterly board of directors meeting.

HTG Canada is the only Canadian business focused group of peers. HTG Canada members are immersed and completely committed to business growth, our members adapt to the changing economy, they plan for the evaluation of the future of IT and work daily in taking their business to the next level. Spanning the entire country and meeting regularly to share best practices, serve as a board of directors, hold each other accountable, commit to grow our businesses and develop long term relationships, HTG Canada members have an advantage over those IT Partners who are not involved in the business community.

This week in Dallas, HTG Canada member firms met alongside the global HTG community to assist in figuring out the future of technology and the role that Small Business Specialists are going to play in the new world economy and what are the next steps in business growth. Discussion topics covered a wide range of topics from cloud computing, Small Business Server, Social Media and Managed Services 3.0. The future of technology is changing and so is the way we go to market today. Questions range daily in our business from “How is the cloud going to impact our business”, “what does the reality of the future going to change and when” and “what are the tools we are using to deliver our services”.  The world is changing, people think differently today, demands change and HTG members are preparing to make these changes.

“Changes are happening, and when it comes it happen real fast” stated Arlin Sorensen, CEO of Heartland Technologies and founder of HTG.

Heartland Tech Groups are looking for new members across Canada

What does the perfect member of HTG look like and why should you consider joining a peer group and invest in the growth of your business? Small Business Specialists who have the right attitude, willingness to share their experiences, serve in the marketplace and want to grow their business are the right fit for membership in HTG. HTG’s foundation is all about building a community of trust across all member firms and those Small Business Specialists who are keen of business development and growth are the right fit for our group.

HTG Canada meets quarterly across Canada and the United States to share ideas, build relationships and focus on business growth.  If you are interested in joining HTG visit http://www.htgmembers.com today. If you have any questions on HTG contact Stuart Crawford, Group Facilitator at stuart.crawford@bulletproofIT.ca.

Stuart Crawford

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