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Randy Biggs, President of Value Added Computer Services (VACS) in St. Catharines, Ontario was recognized last week by his peers at the first annual Heartland Tech Group (HTG) Summit in Dallas, TX. Randy is one of the founding members of HTG10 (Canada) peer group which is part of HTG a peer group organization focusing on Microsoft Partners in 3 countries throughout the world. HTG was formed in 2001 by Arlin Sorensen and came to Canada in June 2008 and facilitated by Bulletproof InfoTech's Stuart Crawford.

HTG brings together thought leaders and industry experts with quarterly meetings that focus on each member serving as a Peer Board Member for each member’s firm. Accountability and execution are at the heart of HTG and VACS was chosen an award winner for the work done within each members peer group. Randy and his team showed up prepared, open shared their best practices with HTG members, showed commitment to his peers, executed on his plans and continued to build a thriving business in today's shaky economy.

Individual peer groups drill down and focus on overall effectiveness across operations, marketing, sales, finances and overall health of each member. By focusing on industry standards including business planning, process development, financial benchmarking and education, HTG members strive to maintain a competitive advantage over those other service firms that do not participate in peer activities.

VACS is a Niagara based organization that provides end to end technology services for small to mid-sized business (5-250 employees) in Southern Ontario. Situated in downtown St. Catharines, they offer complete services throughout the small business community in the Niagara Region. VACS continues to be a thought leader and demonstrate excellence in the Microsoft Partner Program and throughout HTG.

Focused on the leading small and midsized technology firms, HTG spans the entire technology ecosystem. By leveraging leading technology manufacturers and vendors who provide sponsorship and interaction with HTG members, members are now equipped with the tools and knowledge to provide an increased level of service in their communities. HTG members are better prepared and understand the importance of positive interaction across all levels of the industry. This includes how disruptive and breakthrough IT solutions will influence their clients with laser-focused training from their peers and leading industry experts.

“VACS has demonstrated exceptional leadership in their peer group and contributed value that others respect,” said Stuart Crawford, Board Member and Facilitator HTG10. “All of our members have a passionate commitment to change and improve their businesses and their lives. HTG members believe in the power of shared ideas, and Randy's firm has demonstrated the true spirit of our groups. Great technology matters, but we know that relationships and execution matter more.”

Heartland Tech Group was founded by Arlin Sorensen in 2001 to bring Iowa-based IT partners together to leverage each other’s talents following the post-dot com downturn. Over the years, HTG has grown from a purchasing group to a serious group of business owners, sales professionals, marketing managers and senior management of IT firms in non-competing geographies who meet for two days each quarter to work on key businesses issues and opportunities for growth. HTG has grown to over 200 members throughout the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

For more information on Heartland Tech Groups visit http://www.htgmembers.com.

Recruitment of new members is ongoing, if you are interested in joining HTG Canada contact Stuart Crawford at 403.206.2233.

Stuart Crawford

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