Written by Stuart Crawford, SBSC Community in Alberta

Completely full, HTG10 (Heartland Tech Group) is fully engaged and ready to collaborate with the Microsoft Small Business Specialist Community.  Partners from coast to coast welcome 4 new members from the GTA and Vancouver for their quarterly peer group meeting at the Microsoft Canada office in Mississauga.

The main topic coming in was thought to be managing the recession, many of our members have felt the pinch of the new economy but have elected not to participate.  HTG members are reporting stronger numbers, increases in service revenues and determining new profit centres for our businesses.  Cloud computing and bringing solutions that bring additional value is our focus during our June gathering.

Leadership is also a hot topic during our Q3 meetings.  How do HTG members lead their companies?  What areas do we focus on?  How do lead our teams more effectively?  Having a resource of similar mindset peers is something that many HTG members appreciate.  The two day format of collaboration, peer sharing and accountability is the core foundation of what HTG brings to their members.  A membership driven organization which is “Personal and Business Growth Driven By Accountability”. 

HTG also benefited from key presentations from Microsoft staff.  Updates on the Small Business Specialist Program and the overall Partner Program.  Having a partnership with Microsoft is critical to all HTG members.  HTG members are leaders in going to market with various solutions, many are focused on Windows Small Business Server, Windows Vista and many members are now seriously entertaining how cloud based solutions will impact their clients and the business in general.

“Holding peers accountable is the core of HTG” states group facilitator Stuart Crawford of Calgary’s Bulletproof InfoTech, “HTG members execute or they face reporting back to their peers on why they have not performed”. 

HTG was founded in 2001 as a purchasing group.  Over time the core focus on working in the IT community, bringing peers together and commitment to the growth of all of our business is what membership in HTG brings to all members.  For more information visit http://www.htgpeergroups.com.

Stuart Crawford

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