In this post, we’re continuing our One on One with Visual Studio conversation from March 13 with Canadian MVPs Etienne Tremblay and Vincent Grondin, Bridging the Gap Between Developers and Testers Using Visual Studio 2010. If you’ve just joined us, the conversation builds on the previous posts, so check those out (links below) and then join us back here. If you’re re-joining us, welcome back!

Bridging the Gap Between Developers and Testers Using Visual Studio 2010

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Part 2 of 13 – Automating the Build
Part 3 of 13 – Where’s Our Backlog?
Part 4 of 13 – Adding a Tester to the Team
Part 5 of 13 – Tester at Work
Part 6 of 13 – Bridging the Gap
Part 7 of 13 – Stop, We Have a Problem!
Part 8 of 13 – Let’s Get Back On Track
Part 9 of 13 – Multi-Environment Testing
Part 10 of 13 – Testing in the Lab
Part 11 of 13 – UI Automation
Part 12 of 13 – Validating UI Automation (This Post)

In this session of our conversation, Bridging The Gap Between Developers and Testers Using Visual Studio 2010, Etienne and Vincent look at automated functional testing by using assertions and the Coded UI Test Builder. Vincent records the actions he wants to tests, sets the conditions he wants to assert, the Coded UI Test Builders generates the test method, and then Vincent adds the test to the coded UI tests that he runs against the application.

With that, Etienne and Vincent, back to you.

For more information on the topics covered in this session, check out the following resources:

Remember, this conversation is bidirectional. Share your comments and feedback on our Ignite Your Coding LinkedIn discussion. Etienne, Vincent, and I will be monitoring the discussion and will be happy to hear from you.