Thank you for setting aside the time and joining me for the webinar series. I hope that you’ve found it to be of value and are walking away having learned something new about Cloud computing and Windows Azure. Below you can find recordings of the content that we covered in the webinar as well as a PDF containing all of the slides.

Part 1 – Thursday, May 19, 2011

In this session, we focused on the concepts behind Cloud computing and explored the foundational concepts of Windows Azure (Compute, Storage, App Fabric).

Hands on Windows Azure Webinar - Part 1 PRESENTATION: Part 1
app_full_proxy[2] VIDEO: Part 1, Episode 1
In this first episode of Hands-on Windows Azure Webinar, we talk about cloud computing and how it can address capacity and scale on-demand.
app_full_proxy[1] VIDEO: Part 1, Episode 2
In this episode, we talk about load patterns and the differences between traditional hosting and Cloud environments.
app_full_proxy[2] VIDEO: Part 1, Episode 3
In this episode, we discuss the different types of Cloud services and the management/accountabilities of each.
app_full_proxy[3] VIDEO: Part 1, Episode 4
In this episode, we look at the full Windows Azure Platform and get a high level understanding of each of the existing components and some of the new ones coming.
app_full_proxy[1] VIDEO: Part 1, Episode 5
In this episode, we'll go through the architecture that makes up the Windows Azure Platform and talk about the compute, storage, and management services.
app_full_proxy[4] VIDEO: Part 1, Episode 6
In this episode, we discuss what is a role and the differences between each of the three Windows Azure roles.

Part 2 – Thursday, May 26

Hands on Windows Azure Webinar - Part 2 PRESENTATION: Part 2


Part 3 – Thursday, June 2

Hands on Windows Azure Webinar - Part 3 PRESENTATION: Part 3


! Important: In order to avoid any charges on your credit card, please make sure to take down the application within a few hours after it is deployed. Follow these steps to take down the application.

The Full Development Experience

The hands-on portion of the lab focused on the tasks involved with deploying an application. Give the full development experience a try with Migrating and Deploying a Simple Cloud App, where you go from A to Z, taking the on-premise SQL database, migrating that to SQL Azure and then converting the existing NerdDinner ASP.NET MVP project to a Cloud application and deploying it.

Continuing the Conversation

We learned a lot of new concepts these last three weeks. Here are a couple of steps that you can take to solidify what you learned and expand on it with deeper insights into Windows Azure:

  • Check out the Windows Azure Jump Start Videos to continue our Windows Azure overview conversation from the webinar,
  • Download the Windows Azure Platform Training Kit. There are numerous labs that walkthrough, in detail, all of the components that make up Windows Azure platform and are the best way to become an expert on Windows Azure development.
  • I blog, present, and talk lot about Windows Azure. Follow me on Twitter and subscribe to the Canadian Solution Developers' Blog to stay up to date on what’s new and exciting with Windows Azure.

I hope that this webinar is a start to an ongoing discussion about Windows Azure. Feel free to connect with me a any time if you have any questions, run into problems while ramping up, or want to bounce ideas around. I’m always happy to help.

Last but not least, I'd love to hear from you about what you thought of the webinar. Please share your comments on content, format, timing, and anything else in this LinkedIn discussion.

Thanks again for joining the webinar and keep in touch,