Women In Technology: “Geekette” Eileen Brown: From Merchant Sea Woman to Social Media Guru by Genevieve L’Esperance MSP


    Eileen is a real hero for women in technology. Her story, like so many others, begins anywhere but in a classroom in computer science. She’s one of many high profile ladies who got their introduction to technology in the most unexpected way.

    In fact Eileen is even more unusual in that she chose to work as a merchant seaman in the navy! This is not exactly your typical female career choice and considering it was over 20 years or more ago makes it even more compelling a story. While working on some of the biggest frigates in the world involving movement of supplies Eileen got a sample of how inefficient the whole process was and early attempts at “modernizing” this were met with dismal failure. Long story short,  Eileen got curious and started coding and building out a new supply chain type program that won her rave reviews. And that was the beginning of her love affair with technology.

    Eileen’s last post at Microsoft was as the Exchange Evangelist in the UK with over 150 people under her command.  Her technical blogs were followed shockingly by thousands of very technical guys who saw a real guru in Eileen and respect her vast knowledge on many topics in IT. In fact she has taken that knowledge of unified communications and with it an enormous knowledge of social media interaction, her networking skills and became the face of social media business strategy, community and crisis management at Amaastra.

    What’s really important is that Eileen has spent the better part of 2 decades trying to engage women the world over to understand how important their participation in this industry is and she has served as speaker and session coordinator at Microsoft’s Tech Ed conferences for several years as the lead for Women In Technology events.  She was one of the biggest promoters of the worldwide phenomena Geek Girl Dinners, which I have attended in my own city.  She also has been very successful with another one of her ventures CWT, Connecting Women In Technology, where she almost singlehandedly  gathered women executives from the most competitive rivals and is now up to 5 conference events where each has contributed significantly on multiple topics and by taking turns hosting these events.

    Eileen is an “empowering” role model and one of my mentors. She is about making others stand out and realize their potential. In engaging others and making their incredible stories come to life she is in fact herself, a hero.


    I saw this on Eileen’s blog the other day and I know where my vote would be but if you happen to know anyone in the UK pass it on!

    Lynn, like Eileen Brown, has been engaging women it tech for over 20 years. She has developed and delivered events at Tech Ed like Women Build, been a huge driving force as part of Microsoft’s Digigirlz program and was also very involved in Microsoft’s WIT (Women in Technology) program.  And  she revels in being called a Geekette.

    Catch Eileen’s fascinating blogs on social media at: http://eileenbrown.wordpress.com/


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    Welcome to Microsoft By Charlotte Wang - An Intern's Experience


    So? My job as the Associate Business Analyst isn’t as boring as the title sound. The work at Microsoft Canada is absolutely independent and YOU, you are responsible for what you do. When there are issues, you find a solution. But when you making an impact, the credit is all YOURS. This is the culture that we embrace, and as a university student, it is one of the most remarkable experiences that will stay on my resume – my Microsoft Internship experience.

    Monday January 24, 2010

    08:50     Arrive @ Mississauga office, after one full hour of driving. IT’S FREEZING and I hate the snow > : [

    09:00     Breakfast time! Eggo sandwich down at café? Or should I just go for an apple and banana? Oh no wait I need to start refreshing the reports first. Remote Desktop into the Server…

    09:15     Okay…Reports are refreshing. Perfect. Now munching my breakfast and looking at my excels. God, please allow me to have one peaceful day. I love my computer and excel.

    10:30     Catching up with my neighbour co-ops about the weekend…seems like we all had a great time and are well rested for another week of productive work ; ]

    11:00     Talking to controller...New assignment for this week, seems like down times aren’t really down! Finance is always busy. ALWAYS.

    11:59     Instant Message received from co-op: Shall we grab lunch? Soonish? Sure…soonish. Just let me finish up this formula and it should work…

    12:10     Let’s head down! Hmm what’s today’s special down at café? Or should I just get the Buffalo Chicken Wrap that our office is famous for? Tough Choices…

    12:50     Done and done. Heading back up to my cubicle and begin my afternoon duties. Let’s just continue with my report construction…

    2:25        Meeting in 5 minutes! Quickly grabbing all my materials and I am ready to present my reports!

    3:15        Meeting’s over, managers happy with the results, just need to fix up some formatting to match with the corporate worldwide standards…washroom and drinks break…ha! The other co-op thought that colleague of hers is cute :P really? Maybe!

    4:10        50 minutes till the end of the day! So far all my reports have been good, my computer is treating me well…so let’s just bear with me for the remaining few minutes and I am ready to head home!!

    5:10        Wohoo! Another day killed! Seems like the day was productive, my excel queries were successful, and I look forward to tomorrow’s synch meeting with my managers! Alright this is the part that I do not look forward…1.5 hour traffic jam. Why can’t we just build more highways?! Oh well! At least I get to go home and relax!

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    Win a Microsoft Kinect Sensor - Contest opened from now until February 2011


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    Microsoft Code-a-Thon: Waterloo University - Day 1


    Waterloo University - Day 1

    Velocity is everything that students say it would be; warm with the right atmosphere to promote innovative development.  It is the perfect place where incubation happens along with a big screen television with all the games to enjoy. 


    Microsoft gathered at the main lobby at the Velocity residence to host the first annual Microsoft Code-a-Thon.  This is a 24hour event that is aimed at bridging students into the world of mobile development.  A great number of motivated students took part on the first day of live Windows Phone 7 demo, brain storming and some awesome pizza to embrace in each other’s presence to turn ideas into applications.

    Some formed teams and made friends immediately while others was more interested in learning the environment at first.  Either way, the downloading started and the Windows Phone 7 Emulator was popping up on all the students’ computer screens.  Microsoft gives students the tools to advance in their careers at Dreamspark and from there students are able to turn awesome ideas into projects.  By competing in the ImagineCup and Battle of the Apps contests, students can gain even greater exposure.


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    ImagineCup 2011 New York - Deadline Dates



    ImagineCup 2011 Competition Deadline Dates



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