Become a Microsoft Student Partner! Become a Rock Star!



    Passionate about technology? Love learning about new tools? Want to build a relationship with Microsoft and take the first step into the IT industry? Sounds like you need to consider becoming a Microsoft Student Partner!

    Microsoft Student Partners, or MSPs, are students who are enthusiastic about the latest and greatest tools and technologies and are passionate about sharing their excitement with their peers. If you’re familiar with the MVP program, then think of MSPs as MVPs of academia. If you’re not familiar with the MVP program, then simply think of them as campus rock stars!

    MSPs must posses a range of abilities ranging from excellent time management to superb organizational skills. Communication skills are considered especially important to ensure that MSPs can host successful campus events and spread their knowledge and excitement to their peers. They should have a good relationship with their faculty and must have the backing of at least one faculty member who would be willing to support their initiatives. Additionally, students who are selected for the position of an MSP must sociable, friendly and approachable individuals who like to meet new people.

    The MSP program is rewarding not only through engagement and support but also through perks and benefits. These include:

    • Exposure and recognition on campus with faculty and students.
    • An MSDN Subscription granting access to tens of thousands of dollars worth of Microsoft software.
    • Access to numerous benefits including reference materials, training, and privileged information about future job opportunities.
    • Direct interaction with Microsoft professionals and their partners.
    • A letter of recognition for the participation in the program.
    • Additional swag and opportunities exclusive to MSPs only.

    Microsoft Canada is continuously looking for students to participate in the MSP program. If you think you have what it takes to take the privileged status of an MSP on your campus, grab and fill out the MSP application. Be sure to email it to me as soon as possible! Summer may be in full gear, but don’t delay, as we select only one top-notch student from each university/college to represent their campus.

    If you have any questions, be sure to ask me, a former MSP. Smile

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    Windows 8 sneak peek


    In case you haven’t seen it yet, the first Windows 8 teaser has been released:

    Although more details are yet to be revealed, one thing is for sure: Metro is taking over!

    The fast, sleek and gorgeous Metro UI will now be found on Microsoft’s three major platforms including Windows, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360.

    Stay tuned for more! Smile

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    Intern Voice: Hello World and Windows Phone 7 by Judy Lin


    Hello everyone! My name’s Judy and I am—or was—a self-confessed BlackBerry addict.

    I'm a student at Wilfrid Laurier University and doing my co-op term at Microsoft on the Developer Platform Evangelism team and it’s been very rewarding and cool in a plethora of ways. One of our product managers just gave me a Samsung Focus with WP7 to own for the duration of my term (!). This was going to be my baby, but it also meant adios to my beloved BlackBerry Bold 9700. Au revoir to BBM. Sayonara to my dear, abused button keys.

    My BlackBerry has been at the gut of many frustrations and distractions in lectures, and using the WP7 so far has been like a welcome breath of fresh air. Why, do you ask?

    1) Interface: With live tiles, navigation has never been this beautiful and friendly to me!

    2) Phone design: Wide screen + dedicated camera start-up button x thin, light design = phone-photography win.

    3) Integration: Upload everything and anything, share and post, quick and easy to Facebook, email, skydrive, etc.

    Once upon a time, my ‘BB’ used to be a lifeline, and how quickly that attachment faded within days of the switch. In comparison, it feels crammed, the interface is uninspiring, and the size of the screen and the capabilities cannot even compare. Letting go has never been easier.

    Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh in judging my once-loved phone like an ex-boyfriend. Perhaps I'm just excited to be with something new and innovative that eases so smoothly into my life (hello, Facebook/contact-list integration?). Perhaps I’ve finally found a phone that ties together all my social interactions and connections without tying up my time. Only time can tell (re: future blog posts). J

    – Judy Lin

    Follow @godevmental and me @judy_lin, and tell me about your own transition stories or your love/hate relationship stories with your phones, because—let’s be real (T9Word, shattered screens…)—we’ve all been there.

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    Show us your Apps!



    Are you a Canadian student? Did you develop a Windows Phone 7 app? We want to see it and feature it right here on the GoDevMENTAL blog!

    If you developed and published an app, let us tell your story here. You will help inspire others like you and gain fame among your peers. Not only that, but you will also get much needed exposure to let the world know about what you have to offer. What better way to get a boost in downloads and sales than to simply show off what you have done?

    If you developed an app but still didn’t publish it, we can help! If you need a Windows Phone 7 device to test your app on, or require assistance publishing and monetizing your idea, be sure to let us know.

    So send those marketplace links and/or your questions to godevmental@microsoft.com and prepare to be GoDevMENTAL’s next star!

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    AzureFest Toronto



    Drum roll please. AzureFest is finally coming to Toronto!

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, as students we should care for a simple reason: we don’t like to sit through long and boring lectures (com’n, admit it). AzureFest is all about getting down and dirty with the tools. Instead of walking away with just the knowledge of how to deploy a cloud app, you’ll walk away having actually done that. Be sure to bring your own laptop and a credit card (event and tools are free; it is only required for account activation, you will not be charged for anything) and get ready to actually do stuff.

    AzureFest Toronto will take place in the heart of Toronto downtown at Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone.

    When: Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011
    Where: 10 Dundas Street East, Room: AMC-502, Toronto, ON, M5B 2G9
    Register: Click here

    And as always, there will be prizes!

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