Get Inspired, Get Energized! Cheer on your fellow students at the Canadian Imagine Cup Finals!


    IC-Logo_300pxWideThe finalists are selected, the big day of the finals is coming up. We invite YOU to come out and be part of a day that celebrates the power of students!

    Wow after almost a year of planning it’s hard to believe it’s time for the Canadian Imagine Cup Finals! We have put together a fantastic day and we want to invite you to come out and be part of it! The students, the guest speakers and the judges are sure to leave you feeling inspired and empowered! This is a day to celebrate the power of students. We want you to be there!

    Who: You!

    What: Canadian Imagine Cup Finals

    Where: University of Waterloo, Kitchener, Ontario

    When: Monday April 30, 2012

    Why: because this is going to be one of those days where you walk away feeling energized, inspired and empowered! Two great speaker keynotes, amazing ideas from your fellow students as they present to our celebrity/invited experts panel, even a showcase area to see the entries up close or check out the latest Microsoft technologies.

    How: Register today!

    Price: Free! but space is limited make sure you register!

    Take a look at the incredible speakers and judges you will see at the finals!

    In order of appearance:

    Gladstone_Grant_Small Welcome and opening keynote by Gladstone Grant the Vice President of the Developer and Platform Group at Microsoft Canada.

    The Developer & Platform Evangelism Group (DPE) mission is to “Secure the Future of the Microsoft Platform” by ensuring that students, startups, developers, IT Pros, and ISVs choose Microsoft platforms. This group’s mission is critical to the long term success of Microsoft. It is a unique group that combines product marketing, audience marketing, sales, business development and technology evangelism

    Presentations by our teams in Software design and Windows Phone game design will be judged by an accomplished celebrity panel!

    Carol Leaman

    Carol Leaman is the CEO of Axonify, a software company that uses technology to identify, measure and close critical knowledge gaps in employees.  Using principles of behavioural psychology the company provides an interval reinforcement platform that quickly and easily enhances knowledge retention of key policies and procedures.

    Prior to Axonify, Carol was CEO of PostRank a software company that tracked where and when online audiences were interacting with content in the social sphere.  After receiving acquisition interest from a number of parties Carol sold PostRank to Google in June 2011.

    Carol has also been CEO of RSS Solutions and Fakespace, two other tech companies that she sold to strategic acquirers in North America.  She has a finance background and a Master of Accounting from the University of Waterloo. 

    Carol was recently recognized for her contributions with an Entrepreneur Hall of Fame Intrepid Award for being an entrepreneur who is a strong leader and has great promise for future contribution. She loves all things technology, and sits on the boards of several organizations.

    Michael Furdyk

    Michael Furdyk is the Co-founder of TakingITGlobal, which provides innovative global education programs that empower youth to understand and act on the world's greatest challenges.

    In the past, he turned his interest in technology into several successful online companies, including MyDesktop.com, which sold to Internet.com in 1999. In 2008, he was named by Contribute Magazine as one of 10 Tech Revolutionaries Redefining the Power and Face of Philanthropy.

    Michael has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, presented at TED, and was named one of Teen People's "Twenty Teens that will Change the World". Over the last decade, he has keynoted over 100 events across sectors, sharing his social media expertise and insights on youth engagement and educational reform to audiences in over 30 countries. He sits on several non-profit boards, including the Re-Inventing Schools Coalition, and on the International Advisory Council for Microsoft's Partners in Learning program

    Marc Saltzman

    Marc Saltzman has reported on the high-tech industry since 1996 as a freelance journalist, author, lecturer, consultant, and radio and TV personality. His specialties lie in consumer electronics, computers, Internet trends, video games and DVD/Blu-ray reviews.

    Along with his weekly syndicated columns with Gannett ContentOne (formerly Gannett News Service), CNN.com and USAToday.com, Marc currently contributes to more than 50 prominent publications, including USA Today, CNN.com, AARP - The Magazine, The Costco Connection (U.S. and Canada), MSN, Yahoo!, Sympatico, Toronto Star, PostMedia (CanWest), Connected (Rogers Publishing), Telus Talks Business, IT Insider Online, Common Sense Media, Inc.com, Playboy, Movie Entertainment, Chill, Homefront, and others.
    Tim Jackson

    We’ll wrap up the day with an inspiring keynote from Tim Jackson, someone who is living the theme of Imagine Cup “Making a Difference” as a founder and partner of Social Venture Partners of Waterloo Region, a venture fund that blends volunteerism and philanthropy together to invest in social/community initiatives.

    Tim has a long history as an entrepreneur and business leader. A founder and partner of Tech Capital Partners, he was earlier CFO and CEO at PixStream. He has also acted as CFO, CEO, or board member for numerous other technology companies. Tim is a frequent speaker on innovation, corporate culture, leadership, community building, acquisitions and investing, and related topics.

    Active for many years in the not-for-profit sector, in 2009 Tim was awarded the inaugural annual Barnraiser Award for “inspirational, collaborative achievement” in Waterloo Region. In 2007, he was honoured with the Legacy of Leaders Award from the City of Waterloo and the Leadership Award from the Volunteer Action Center.



  • Go DevMENTAL

    Meet the Software Design Finalists for Canadian Imagine Cup


    ImagineCupEmailcontentMeet the teams who will be vying for title of Canadian Imagine Cup champions and a trip to Australia to represent Canada at the Canadian Imagine Cup Finals Monday April 30th at the University of Waterloo.

    Last week our judges had to make the difficult decision of which three Canadian teams to invite to our Canadian Imagine Cup Finals. In the end three different schools with three very different ideas were selected. Congratulations to the teams and their schools! We can't wait to see your presentations at the finals April 30th at the University of Waterloo. If you want to come out to watch the finals you can register here.

    In alphabetical order by team name

    D19 from McGill University

    The problem: Meeting the high demand for qualified doctors in rural India. Over 600 million rural Indians have no access to doctors or proper hospitals. While we cannot provide physical care or hospital-level facilities using software alone, we are aiming to bring a doctor's consultation, diagnosis and medical advice (potentially prescription depending on legal issues) to people who cannot afford to travel to see a doctor in person.

    The solution: Our application name is 'Neem', named after an Indian medicinal plant. Our solution consists of three parts - a mobile application that allows village health workers to collect patient data and pass it on to doctors, a desktop application which allows doctors to receive this data, conduct a video chat with a patient and perform a diagnosis electronically, and an analysis tool that allows public health workers to analyse the (anonymous) patient data and identify any important trends in vaccination tracking, disease spread or general health of a community.
    Team D19 Photo

    Team D19: Abhijeet Kalyan and Shravan Narayan

    Greeni from George Brown College

    The Problem
    : Our team implemented a solution that helps to reduce factories’ pollutions and make our environment cleaner. It is achieved by controlling energy consumptions in the working areas and corridors.

    Our Solution: Our Application name is Greeni. The system is based on the Kinect sensor that monitors human's motions in the cubicles and corridors. If there is anybody in the cubicle, the system will turn on the light and ventilation system

    Greeni team

    Nimbus from University of British Columbia

    The Problem:
    Over 14 million people are killed by infectious diseases each year, 90% of which are in the developing world. More alarmingly, most of these diseases are preventable or treatable with existing medicines. Currently, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that over 1.7 billion people, nearly one third of the world’s population, have no access to essential medicines.

    Our Solution: Our application, Global Pharmacy Connection (GPC), aims to make essential drugs available and affordable to developing countries. To achieve this, GPC provides a portal where healthcare providers (buyers) and pharmaceuticals (suppliers) can connect, which enables buyers to gain access to more drugs at lower pricing by obtaining drug supplies from multiple suppliers.

    team Nimbus


    Congratulations to our Canadian finalists and to all the other great entries we received in the Software Design Category! It's students like you who inspire all of us to make a difference!

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