How does a student get a DreamSpark account for free software and store accounts?

How does a student get a DreamSpark account for free software and store accounts?

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DreamSparkDreamSpark gives students access to free software, free Azure cloud services, and free store accounts for publishing apps, but how do you get it?

DreamSpark ( is a program that provides students with free Microsoft software, the ability to try Azure cloud services without entering a credit card, and a store account. Chances are your school is already signed up for DreamSpark and all you need to do is create your own account to start reaping the benefits. But even if your school isn't signed up, if you are a student you can still get it. Here's how!

To create your DreamSpark account go here and select Create Account

You will be prompted to sign in with a Microsoft account (,, if you don't have a Microsoft account you can create one here. You can use an existing email address (even gmail) for your Microsoft account.

You will now see a screen where you specify your name, date of birth, preferred email, most of this is pre-populated based on the settings in your Microsoft account. Consider selecting the checkbox so Microsoft can let you know about programs and offers in your area. After you have completed all the required fields select continue to verify.

Now, DreamSpark wants to verify that you are in fact a student. There are three ways to do this

1. Get verified through my school email – If your school has a DreamSpark subscription, you can just provide your school email address to get verified


2. Get verified through my school account– If your school has a DreamSpark subscription, but validates DreamSpark through school accounts rather than email addresses you can select this option. Most schools in Canada do not use this authentication method, so if you don't see your school listed it doesn't necessarily mean your school does not offer DreamSpark to its students! It just means they have chosen another method for authentication, you may want to try the email address option instead. If you choose the school account you have to search for your school in the list.



3. I have an International Student Identity Card – This is not your university or college student ID card. this is the international student card (you can apply for one here) if you pick this option you can type in your ISIC serial number or the ISIC/CIP number or your ISIC/NUS card number to prove you are a student.

4. I have a verification code – this option requires you to enter a verification code. But where do you get a verification code? You need to reach out to a Microsoft representative or possibly a school administrator. Attending a Microsoft hackathon or workshop is a great place to meet someone and find out how you can get a verification code. Entering a code will give you access to DreamSpark resources for one year.

5. I can supply documentation – if none of the above options works, choose this option. You can provide a scanned copy of your school ID card, a current report card, or acceptance letter to a university or college as proof that you are a student to get validated.

Once you have created and verified your account, you can now download software, get a code that allows you to publish apps to the Windows store for free and get free cloud services on Azure including website hosting!

What are you waiting for get your DreamSpark account today!

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  • my university name isnt there in list of collages in dream spark

  • any one can send me a verification code for dream spark account.....

  • @Akhil - email we can let you know how we can get you a code (let us know what country you live in, and we will need you to prove you are a student, e.g. scan and send your student id card)

  • I have an ISIC (got it today), but when I try to verify my student status in dreamspark, all i get is this "Invalid card number." Please help me with this.

    My University don't provide .edu emails to students, so ISIC is the only option I am left with. Please provide me a solution.

  • Hi Saurabh,

    What country do you live in? I can probably put you in touch with a local evangelist to help you get it sorted out.

  • Hi,

    my university doesn't give out .edu ids to students what should i do?

    I live in India

    University name: Manav rachna International university

  • after submiting a scan copy of student id card . how much time it will take to verified the account

  • 1 week it will take to get verified.

  • I have a dreamspark account, but when i try to login it says Invalid Username or Password, it was working perfectly but now its not.

    Even when i use forgot password it doesnot recognize my email Id.

    My collage name is Sanghvi Institute of Management and Science, India(associated with dreamspark )

  • @Nishit you should contact DreamSpark support for help getting your account fixed

  • What method do I use for student verification with a scanned copy of my student id card?

  • @Phuong my understanding is that only an international student ID card is accepted (make sense if you think about it, there are tens of thousands of schools around the world, the verification team so trying to identify valid id cards from any school in the world would be virtually impossible). However any student should be able to get an ISIC card (I got one of those many years ago so I could prove I was a student at Youth hostels)  and then you can submit the ISIC card as validation. You can also talk to your instructor or professor and ask if they could get DreamSpark for your school. If there is a Microsoft event nearby and you can find your local evangelist they may be able to help you out as well.

  • I live in India. Please help me getting my verification code. I have only one attempt remaining.

  • For any trouble activating your DreamSpark you should contact the student DreamSpark support for help

  • Hi,

    I am a student windows developer, I got a call from Microsoft, the caller said asked me to mail my college id scan copy to some mail id of windows to get a new dreamspark code, unfortunately I forgot that email id of microsoft.I request if someone know that mail id, can you please share it? my mail id is



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