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  • Blog Post: App Template of the week: Bringing a Wordpress site to the Windows 8 store

    This week’s template allows you to take a website build using and turn it into a Windows 8 store app If you missed any other templates of the week, you can find them here . This week’s template was created to make it easy for a user (not
  • Blog Post: Building a great Windows 8 app Step 6: Which template should you use?

    You are about to start coding your Windows 8 project, what template should you start with? This blog is part of a series . Picking the right template at the start of your project can save you a lot of work! Finding the right Visual Studio template, or finding a project template out there that is similar...
  • Blog Post: Got a WordPress site? Bring it to Windows 8 quickly and easily

    This open source template makes it easy for you to take a WordPress site and provide it’s content through a Windows 8 store app if you are a WordPress user ( this template does not support, there is an open source Windows 8 template built by IdeaNotion you can use to quickly...
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