If I can build a phone app anyone can!


    I can write code, but I always run into issues installing, testing, deploying, and dealing with nit-picky stuff. Everyone told me if you can code you can build a phone app, so I decided to put that to the test in this blog series.

    I will update this blog post as I continue my adventures so you can follow the series, please join me on my adventure as I code and publish my first app!

    Part 1 – Installing the tools

    Part 2 – Writing Hello World

    Part 3 – Tombstoning

    Part 4 - Project Types (including Pivot vs Panorama)

    Part 5 - Windows Phone Controls

    Part 6 - Displaying Numeric Keypad and testing for numeric values

    Part 7 - Free controls from the Windows Phone Toolkit

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    Happy Holidays!


    Exams are done, end of term projects are submitted, and hopefully everyone made it to their destinations despite any freezing rain or snowstorms. Hope you have a great holiday and find time to catch up with a few friends and eat a few goodies. Best wishes for a happy and safe holiday season and a great start to the New Year from the GoDevMental team!

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    Curious about HTML5?


    If you are using HTML5, you might want to check out Modernizr, I wrote a blog for the Make Web Not War site about how Modernizr so can help you start using HTML5 features but still support older browsers.

    And if you are doing HTML5 check out our truly awesome HTML5 Canadian coat of arms…I think we need a name for that angry beaver, feel free to suggest one! As our holiday present to you, you can even download the image if you want it (PNG or SVG)!


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    Wow! Seriously great rewards for publishing a Windows Phone App


    Publish 1 quality phone app get a Kinect, or 1 TB hard drive, 2 apps could get you a $500 gift voucher or Xbox with Kinect!!!

    Okay exams just ended, if you weren’t sure what to do during Christmas break, you need to check out this awesome promotion! It boils down to this: if you publish a quality app before May 20th, 2012 you can get cool stuff (go to the rewards tab to see your choices). If you publish 2 quality apps you can get even more cool stuff, and it just gets better!

    If you think you can’t build a phone app, guess again, if you can code, you can build an app. Check out some great resources. Or join me on my phone app building journey blog series as I prepare to publish my first app.

    Make efficient use of your time. Develop your app as an entry for imagine cup and/or do it as a project in a programming course.

    What are you waiting for, stop reading, and get coding!

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    Sharing a Student Success Story


    Just a short note because, aside from an urge to use alliteration, I wanted to share with you a cool success story.

    Microsoft Game Studios just published a new game called Hasta La Muerte by Pohlm Studios. Why did I want to tell you about it? Because Frederic Pedro, from France, created Pohlm studios and I love his story! He was a Game Design finalist in the 2008 Imagine Cup (Ecological Tycoon), and a Microsoft Student Partner from January 2009 to September 2010 and he also mentored a team to first place in game design Geekologics (Brainergy). Pohlm is also a Bizspark startup, if any of you are graduating and thinking of starting your own busines, you should look into the Bizspark program to see if you qualify.

    Now I think I need to find a few great Canadian student stories to share!


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