Share your idea, get a Mango device. Simple!


    Now here’s a neat opportunity, so listen up!

    Most app contests or giveaways require, well, an app. But not #WPAppItUp! For this one, we want to see your app ideas! If you have a Windows Phone 7 app idea, share it with us for a chance to get a Mango developer Windows Phone 7 device.

    To get started:

    1. Registered for DreamSpark
    2. Download and install Expression Studio Ultimate and the new Mango Windows Phone Developer Tools. You have free access to these through DreamSpark.
    3. Get the free Sketchflow Template for Windows Phone and create a Sketchflow mock-up of your app. Remember, you just need to create a mock-up, and not develop a fully functional app.
    4. Post the Sketchflow mock-up somewhere online and tweet out the link using the hash tag #WPAppItUp

    Don’t forget the hashtag when tweeting your entry. All prototypes will be reviewed, and the authors of the best ones will be contacted to receive their Mango device.

    There is no deadline, but keep in mind that there are only 30 devices remaining. Don’t wait too long, get started now!

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    A Windows Phone 7 Malaria Test!


    We’ve seen Windows Phone 7 in a completely different domain doing things that it was never meant to do before, but this is an even more astonishing story.


    Wilson To, a doctoral student in pathology at the University of California, combined his interests in pathology and photography to create a Windows Phone app that can test for malaria. Yes, you read that correctly – a Malaria test on a smartphone.

    Using a Windows Phone 7 device with a mounted $50 micro lens, Wilson’s app – Lifelens – takes high-resolution images of the cells of a drop of blood and quickly analyzes them to confirm whether or not malaria is present.

    Alternative (and cheaper) malaria tests do exist, but the longevity of Lifelens is in the fact that an app – unlike even the cheapest of malaria test kits – is reusable, which means that Lifelens (even with cost of the WP7 device and the micro lens) has lower long-run costs. What’s even more astonishing is that the analysis of the images taken can be extended to include tests for theoretically any blood-borne disorder.

    It’s not surprising that Wilson’s team was a finalist in Imagine Cup 2011 in New York. It’s easy to see how Lifelens was a perfect fit in Imagine Cup, the goal of which is to get young innovators like you to solve the world’s toughest problems.

    Want to solve a tough world problem through the use of technology? Register for next year’s Imagine Cup, which by the way it taking place in Sydney, Australia. If you make it to the finals, the cost of getting there is on Microsoft.

    As for Windows Phone 7 going above and beyond it’s intended usage, what do you think will be the next astonishing WP7 app?

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    Tower Defense Game Engine for Windows Phone 7


    If you’re still unconvinced by the posts on this blog or resources elsewhere that getting started with Windows Phone 7 game development is not that difficult, then here’s another neat little tool for you – a ready-to-go game engine for the tower defense genre.


    ScriptTD is a high-level engine that includes all of the functionality for a typical Tower Defense game. If you want to create just a simple tower defense game, there is not complex programming involved at all. Simply modify the levels by editing the XML files, add your own graphics and swap the audio files.

    If you’re adventurous enough, you can extend ScriptTD to create a more complex and unique tower defense game.

    To get started with ScriptTD, download the latest release or checkout the source code from the CodePlex repository.

    To make it even easier for you to get going, a video tutorial is provided:

    Even simple games are hard to get started with? Nonsense! Download the code, watch the tutorial and get started on your own game!

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    Social gaming in the cloud!



    Are you a social media geek and a gaming freak? If so, then it’s time you create your own social game in the cloud with Azure.

    To make it easier for you to get started, the Windows Azure team has a treat for you. The Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Games includes everything you need to create your own game. The toolkit includes libraries, tools, samples, specific services and code to handle capabilities unique to games. Sample capabilities also include storing user profiles, maintaining leader boards, in-app purchasing, and more.

    Want to see what you can create with this toolkit? Check out Tankster.


    Tankster is an HTML5 game that includes reusable service-side code and documentation.  Its features include social interactions such as messaging, wall posts, and comments. Of course no competitive game is complete without a way of storing players’ achievements. So needless to say, Tankster includes player achievements and game stats on a live leaderboard that gamers can show off.

    To learn more about the toolkit, take a look at the following resources:

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    Neat little change on AppHub


    Remember that irritating little detail about registering on AppHub as a student, where your identity needed to be verified in order for your account to be activated and for that to happen you had to submit an app? Hard to submit an app when you need to test it on your device, which has to be developer unlocked, a step that required an activated account.

    The remedy was simple – submit a dummy app in order to trigger the identity verification process. With the latest changes to the AppHub, that minor step is no longer required! As of the latest AppHub update, your identity is verified in real-time during your registration. No more dummy app submissions.

    If your account was in this dilemma before the update, its status has now been reverted to Step 1 of the registration process. This means that you can go through the registration again along with the new identity verification process.

    Now the marketplace is even more accessible to students like you!

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