Posted by: Sue Loh

C'mon.  Give it a guess.  How many jelly beans are in the jar?  I want to know what you think.  A count of Microsoft full-time employees.  Oh and be specific whether you're talking about *WINDOWS CE* or *WINDOWS MOBILE* as a whole.

People who work for Microsoft: hey don't spoil the fun by answering if you have a good idea.  Guesses from eMVPs are welcome though.

I'm also curious about the reasons behind your guesses.  Your take on how big a team must be in order to produce this product?  Your perception based on newsgroup / blog participation?  How many people you met at conferences and trade shows?  Something else?

I guess the reason behind this question is my curiosity about the effectiveness and extent of our community participation.  How much of a "human" side we have.  Are we all the Borg Collective to you folks out there?  I know, it's really a completely different topic but it led me to this question.  I'm interested in discussing it, though, if you are.

Eventually I'll go walk through our org chart and post what I think the answer is.  I'm too lazy right at this moment.  =)  It will, of course, be an unofficial answer and has the potential to be wildly inaccurate.