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May, 2006

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    Flush-On-Close Registry Flushing

    I received several questions in the past regarding registry testing related to the Flush-On-Close functionality. So I'll talk about this a little bit in this blog. This functionality is for the hive-based registry and it is disabled by default. When...
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    Stress Test Best Practice

    When doing testing, we always want to cover as much area as possible. Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to test all possible combinations areas all of the time. Stress test can help covering areas that normal testing might not touch. The main purpose...
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    Want more Shared Source?

    Posted by: Sue Loh Is there source code that is not part of our shared source, that you wish was? Then now is your chance to request it: Of course you might not be able...
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    MEDC 2006 Vegas is now over.

    Posted by: Sue Loh Well, another year over and I think it went well. We got to finally announce the Windows CE 6 beta and talk about the features in CE 6, which was very exciting. Those of us on the kernel team have been working on this for quite a...
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    WESC: How to write a good report

    Posted by: Sue Loh I have been reviewing reports for the Windows Embedded Student ChallengE and was inspired to write up this explanation of how to write a good report. Too bad it's too late for everyone in this year's contest. :-( Sorry everyone....
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