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October, 2006

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    What is Virtual Memory?

    Posted by: Sue Loh This is really a generic topic, not something specific to Windows CE, but I’ve had to explain it to a few people so I thought it would be worth writing up. If you had asked me what virtual memory was several years ago, I’d have given...
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    KITL Troubleshooting Tips

    Posted by: Upender Sandadi (reposting since text formatting got messed up first time) This is the second entry in the KITL series. In the first entry we learnt aboust basic KITL packet layout . In this we will look at some of the common things we have...
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    CE 5.0: unresolved external symbol __imp__CeGetVolumeInfoW referenced in function WinMain

    It turns out that we shipped Windows CE 5.0 with a mistake in the coredll .def file: the CeGetVolumeInfo API should have been exported as CeGetVolumeInfoW instead of CeGetVolumeInfo. This mistake causes link errors when building executables that statically...
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    CE6 Virtual Launch!

    Posted by: Sue Loh It is last minute notice, but in case you missed Mike Hall's post about it and didn't receive any other launch materials, CE6 launches tomorrow! Here's a link to the launch site:
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