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  • Blog Post: How to Programmatically Improve File System Throughput

    Writing large amounts of data to persistent media can take large amounts of time. While Windows CE does have hardware limitations in comparison to the desktop, there are coding practices that will increase your throughput when writing to disk/flash. Higher throughput results in a better overall experience...
  • Blog Post: Tips for Writing a File System Filter

    There have been a few questions posted to the newsgroup over the past few months on the scope the initial setup, and the registry settings of file system filters. I hope to answer some of the most commonly asked questions here. File system filter scope: With Windows CE version 4.0 any file system...
  • Blog Post: Introduction: Ariane Jansen

    After growing up in sunny San Diego and attending college in snowy New Jersey I now live in the rainier Seattle area working on Windows CE file systems. I recently graduated from college (February '05) where my main interest was systems (file systems and kernel). My primary focus has thus far been file...
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