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  • Blog Post: Automating the Download of a Run-Time Image

    Posted by: Brent Bishop So far I've shown how to automate the creation of an OS design, modify it and build it. The next step is to demonstrate how to automate the process of downloading the run-time image to a device. Step 1: Create a new Visual Studio add-in. For this example I created a new...
  • Blog Post: Modifying an OS Design Programatically

    Posted by: Brent Bishop As an extention of my previous post Automating the Creation of an OS Design Project I like to show how to modify the OS design that was created in that sample. The first thing that you need to do is get an OSDesignProject interface. We get the OSDesignProject interface from...
  • Blog Post: Automating the Creation of an OS Design Project

    Posted by: Brent Bishop As promised in my previous post this time we'll get started automating Platform Builder by taking a look at the automation interfaces of the New OS Design Wizard. For this add-in we'll add a menu item to Platform Builder that will create a new OS design with a randomly chosen...
  • Blog Post: Creating an Add-in for Platform Builder 6.0

    Posted by: Brent Bishop As Shane Tangen mentioned earlier this week, Platform Builder for CE 6.0 is integrated into Visual Studio 2005 as a VSIP plug-in. This integration makes it possible to create Visual Studio add-ins for Platform Builder. This week we will focus on the basics by creating a...
  • Blog Post: Introduction: Brent Bishop

    I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and moved to the Seattle area after graduating from university. I graduated with a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering with a focus on embedded systems. I started at Microsoft in September 2003 as a Software Design Engineering writing tests for Platform Builder.
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