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  • Blog Post: Sharing Hardware Registers: When to replace multiple writers with a shared resource driver.

    Posted by Jeremy Cooke When designing a complex system it is occasionally necessary to coordinate interaction with some sort of shared resource. Traditionally this is done with synchronization objects provided by the operating system such as critical sections or mutexes. This technique is fine...
  • Blog Post: Critical Section vs. Mutex

    Posted by Jeremy Cooke Both critical sections and mutex objects can be used to synchronize code execution in a Windows CE system. Judicious use of these techniques is necessary to prevent sharing conflicts over system resources through synchronized access. But why would a programmer choose one...
  • Blog Post: Introduction: Jeremy Cooke

    I'm a developer on the Windows Mobile BSP team. I came to Microsoft after graduating with a masters in EECS from the University of Michigan. During my time at Microsoft I have worked mostly on Texas Instruments, ARM-based BSPs, and am currently working on BSPs for future releases of the Windows CE OS...
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