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  • Blog Post: So Long To DIM(), ARRAY_SIZE(), and...

    Posted by Riki June I’ve been doing some tidy up work in the driver code, and would like to draw your attention to a little something you will know too well: #define dim(x) (sizeof(x)/sizeof(x[0])) Sadly, its time has come to be deprecated. What did we replace them with? _countof(x) Why...
  • Blog Post: Debug Zones: Eliminating Excess Chatter

    Posted by Riki June Last December Travis wrote an entry on Debug Zones, I’d like to follow this up with some practical examples. If you haven’t read his article, then I’d recommend you start there:
  • Blog Post: Introduction: Riki June

    Gidday, I'm a dev on the Drivers team, working under Kurt Kennett. I have taken ownership of Keyboard and CEPC (for CE and Mobile), although I'm only slowly getting up to speed on the latter. Prior to working at Microsoft I was a dev at EmbeddedFusion, and was lucky enough to work alongside...
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