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  • Blog Post: When (Not) to Pack Structures

    Posted by: Russ Keldorph In my previous post , I talked about how structure packing works. Now I’d like to talk about when and why it’s commonly used as well as why you may or may not want to use it. Let me start out by saying that by "structure packing" I'm referring to the use of the /Zp compiler...
  • Blog Post: Structure Packing

    Posted by: Russ Keldorph Structure packing is an extenstion to the C++ language supported by many compilers, including Microsoft's. In our language, packing is achieved with either #pragma pack(N) , which allows fine-grained control over structure packing, or the -ZpN compiler switch, which is equivalent...
  • Blog Post: Windows CE Native Compilers

    Posted by: Russ Keldorph Hi, I'm Russ Keldorph, the dev lead for the native (ARM, MIPS, & SH-4) C++ compilers and runtime libraries for Windows CE. I started an MSDN blog a while ago, but came to realize that I'm a terrible blogger because I just don't have the motivation to post regularly. I...
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