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  • Blog Post: Big Book of BSP Wiki

    I wanted to point our readers to the new "Big Book of BSP" wiki on Channel-9. The BSP and Drivers folks at Microsoft have been generating content relevant to BSP development for the community. We want to enable higher-quality BSPs, so we're providing this as a resource for you: Do you know what...
  • Blog Post: Sha Viswanathan: Introduction

    Hi! I'm a developer on the Windows Mobile BSP team. I came to Microsoft after graduating as an EE from the University of Texas in 2005 (Hook 'em!). I've worked mostly on Intel-based BSPs in my time here, and am now working on future BSPs. Being new to CE, I know how hard it is to find the information...
  • Blog Post: Understanding the Variable Tick Timer

    Posted by Sha Viswanathan. Today I wanted to talk a bit about the variable tick timer, and how it affects the Windows CE scheduler. The timer is interesting because it provides the ‘heartbeat’ for every Windows CE system. On each timer interrupt, the kernel analyzes threads in the sleep- and run-queues...
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