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January, 2010

  • Catherine Eibner

    Today myLife==Complete

    Well, if my life goal was to be immortalised in Lego – then today my life wish would have been granted! Today I received my Lego Mini-Me – an award for my support for the Women Build Program. I was very lucky to attend the first Women Build Lego Serious...
  • Catherine Eibner

    Developer Fast Track Series: Use your existing .Net skills to learn CRM Development FAST!

    This series is focused on helping .Net developers get up and running to be able to build CRM customisations quickly! Lets get set up! There are many developers who have been working with .Net for the last few years, that are now finding that their companies...
  • Catherine Eibner

    Barbie as a Computer Engineer?

    Well, I never thought my blog would ever mention Barbie – but then again, it never occurred to me that I would have a mini-me in Lego, so the wonders never cease! :) And as it seems to be a toy themed week, I thought why stop now! Admittedly, the only...
  • Catherine Eibner

    Make migrating from MySQL to SQL Server Easier

    If you are migrating your MySQL database to SQL Server any time soon, you will be very happy to hear that The Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) family now includes a CTP 1.0 for MySQL which has just been released. Versions are included for...
  • Catherine Eibner

    Take a Hot Lap around SQL 2008 R2

    I just heard about a great FREE event taking place in in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney at the end of January that I thought I recommend you attend to find out more about the great new features in SQL 2008 R2. Its the SQL Server 2008 R2 Hot Lap which...
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