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September, 2010

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    MVC public service


    Found this neat series of "public service announcements" regarding MVC a while ago. Serves as a neat introduction I think.

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    How to tell your parents what you do


    I gave up a long time ago trying to explain to my parents what I do. As far as they're concerned I'm part time building computers and the rest is pure magic. Neither of that is true. Somebody with more patience than me explained it this way however. I'll probably steal that for when my parents visit around Christmas...

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    Task boards in real life, extreme version


    So while I've done it in the past and currently doing it again since we recently moved into a new house, I've never gone this far... I guess I have to step it up a notch... Or maybe not...

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    TDD Brownbag payback


    One of my colleagues who attended myrecent brownbag mentioned something about his experience as a TDD newbie the other day. He said that it took him about an hour to start liking the way the code turned out when you wrote a lot of unit tests for your code. And even better; the unit tests found a lot of bugs in the code. Or to quote my colleague: I was terrified when I saw how many bugs my code had. But now I trust my code and know it's working as it should. To be honest I think he may have been cheating with his TDD and written most of his test afterwards but that's just a detail. And what he really want to say is that he now knows the code does what he intended it to do. That is always nice because knowing is better than assuming.

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