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June, 2012

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    Evolution of a hand rolled fake - part 2


    In a recent discussion at work I realized that the main reason I started with the constructor based fakes descried here was not to clutter the object with properties called SomethingHandler. By having my fake implement the interface explicitly I could create a fake like this:

     1: public class FakeTheInterface : ITheInterface
     2: {
     3:     public Action<int> DoSomething { get; set; }
     5:     public Func<int, int, int> ComputeSomething { get; set; } 
     7:     void ITheInterface.DoSomething(int x)
     8:     {
     9:         Assert.IsNotNull(this.DoSomething, "Unexpected call to DoSomething");
     10:         this.DoSomething(x);
     11:     }
     13:     int ITheInterface.ComputeSomething(int a, int b)
     14:     {
     15:         Assert.IsNotNull(this.ComputeSomething, "Unexpected call to ComputeSomething");
     16:         return this.ComputeSomething(a, b);
     17:     }
     18: }

    And this way I can write a test like this:

     19: [TestMethod]
     20: public void UsingFake()
     21: {
     22:     var fakeThing = new FakeTheInterface
     23:                     {
     24:                         ComputeSomething = (a, b) => 42
     25:                     };
     26:     ITheInterface thing = fakeThing;
     27:     Assert.AreEqual(42, thing.ComputeSomething(0, 0));
     28: }

    Please disregard the "cast" to the interface in this test. It's because it's a stupid test. Any real test would take this fake object as a dependency somewhere so it would be used in the context of the interface. But the real beauty is that when working with the fake and setting it up you do not get intelli-sense cluttered with the methods and properties of the interface itself, just the things you need to setup the fake.

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    Adding a timout to a task


    Remember how I added a timeout to an existing Choice in CCR? Well with the new Task based world in .Net 4.5 you will probably want to do the same thing with a task returned by somebody else. Good for me this time is that somebody else already figured out how to do it. I especially like the approach under A Different Approach, especially if modify to deal better with some edge cases.

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    Identifying IIS worker processes


    The other day I had to debug a running IIS process. There was a nifty little command to figure out which process to attach to:
    C:\Windows\System32\Inetsrv\appcmd list wp
    Apart from the terrible fact that I had to debug a running IIS process this was a useful command.

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