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August, 2012

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    Adopt a chaos monkey


    Remember the Netflix Chaos Monkey? Last week they released the source code for it. maybe we'll see a port to .Net and Azure on codeplex soon?

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    ShimNotSupportedException when using ReSharper unit test runner


    I recently did some work using the VS 2012 RC together with R# 7. I needed to use the shim functionality from Fakes but ran into trouble. My unit test failed with a ShimNotSupportedException. After a little bit of searching I realized it was because I was using the R# unit test runner (since it's much faster and report failures in a much better way than the built in runner (if you ask me). Because if I ran the tests using the VS runner the tests passed. Annoying and I can only hope this is going to be resolved by jetBrains but meanwhile I'll be using the following work around:

    • I mark every test that uses Shims with the TestCategory attribute giving them a value like "UsingShims"
    • Then in my R# options for unit testing I fill in the same value in the box for "Don't run tests from category".

    This way my tests using Shims are ignored by the R# unit test runner. You might think this is a bad idea and generally it is. However I use Shims rarely so there are relatively few tests that are ignored this way. So while working on things that do not require Shimming I can continue to use the fast R# test runner. And when I need to use Shims I just use the VS runner. Not perfect but a decent compromise for me in this case.

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    The smart trash can


    When I think of robots I think about autonomous robots. Robots that move around on their own and that do not need interaction with other devices to function. This is a very hard problem to solve but impressive when done well. More commonly robots are remote controlled and may even have sensors around the environment in order to function. Here is a fun video of such a "robot":

    If you want to see some other videos of great usages for autonomous robots in your home you should look here. And if you just want a long discussion on what a robot for the home could be I definitely recommend you read this.

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