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  • Blog Post: Adopt a chaos monkey

    Remember the Netflix Chaos Monkey ? Last week they released the source code for it . maybe we'll see a port to .Net and Azure on codeplex soon?
  • Blog Post: Tools to fix your crappy code

    I had a discussion the other day with somebody about the uselessness of measuring cyclomatic complexity of methods. In short the discussion went along the lines that using just a single measurement does not give you anything else than a number. And some methods with high cyclomatic complexity may still...
  • Blog Post: Exceptions or not?

    I've always had mixed feelings for exceptions. First of all exceptions should only be used for exceptional things, not things that are expected. For example if you open a file it may fail for several reasons; it does not exists, you do not have rights to open it or it may be locked. These are all perfectly...
  • Blog Post: Selenium the test tool

    I almost forgot that before the BDD/DDD presentation , there was a presentation about Selenium . I didn't forget it because it was a bad presentation but because the following presentation was so good... I've never had any good experiences with tools for automatic testing but I must confess that Selenium...
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