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  • Blog Post: Getting the logged on windows user in your apache server

    I was recently involved in a discussion where a company was developing an intra-net site using Apache and PHP on a Windows server. All clients were windows and they wanted to know who was connecting to the intra-net site (only accessible inside the company firewall). And they wanted a SSO (single sign...
  • Blog Post: ntlm.php

    <?php // This a copy taken 2008-08-21 from to make sure the code is not lost. // For more information see: // // NTLM specs http://davenport...
  • Blog Post: Selenium the test tool

    I almost forgot that before the BDD/DDD presentation , there was a presentation about Selenium . I didn't forget it because it was a bad presentation but because the following presentation was so good... I've never had any good experiences with tools for automatic testing but I must confess that Selenium...
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