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April, 2006

  • Windows CE Networking Team WebLog

    How come WPUQueueApc returns WSAEOPNOTSUPP for Windows CE

    The Windows CE OS does not support APC's therefore winsock2 also can't support them. The workaround is to create a thread to call the callback function. This is similar to queueing an APC, but of course the callback will happen on a different thread than...
  • Windows CE Networking Team WebLog

    About Omar

    Hi, my name is Omar Maabreh. I work in the Windows CE core networking team. I own winsock, dhcp, tcpip, and several other networking components. I have also done a little bit of bluetooth protocol and profile work.
  • Windows CE Networking Team WebLog

    time.h on Windows CE

    Since my last post was time related, why not another? Don't worry too much about why this is on a Networking Blog even though it has nothing to do with networking. I own this stuff since there's a lot of technology in CE and not a ton of developers, so...
  • Windows CE Networking Team WebLog

    Daylight Savings Time Roll-overs on Windows CE

    Summary : On rereading this post, I realized it's pretty complicated. The summary here is that you have the Time Service DST logic included in your CE image, then you need to add the registry keys at the bottom of this post & to install the timesvc...
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