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  • Blog Post: Creating MPPE Attributes in an EAP Extension

    When an EAP extension succesfully completes authentication, it can fill in the PPP_EAP_OUTPUT pUserAttributes field with MPPE key information for use by other networking components. For example, RAS can use those keys for data encryption, and WPA/WPA2 will use them for the 4-way handshake on an 802.11...
  • Blog Post: Wifi driver handling of OID_802_11_SSID set requests

    Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) will issue OID_802_11_SSID set requests to an 802.11 (Wifi) miniport driver in a couple of distinct circumstances: WZC wants the miniport adapter to associate with Access Points (APs) that match the specified SSID, or WZC wants the miniport adapter to disassociate...
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