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  • Blog Post: Simplified WLAN (WiFi) Power States

    General Current/Power consumption relationships: OFF < ON Waiting to Connect < Trying to Connect (e.g. ACTIVE SCAN) No User Data < Data VoIP data < File transfer data 802.11 Power Save Mode << Active Mode The key to power savings is QUICKLY MOVING TO MOST RELIABLE...
  • Blog Post: 802.11 WLAN WiFi : Power Mini FAQ - Windows CE

    Mini Frequently Asked Questions related to WLAN, Power, and Windows CE. Why is it important? WLAN can use significantly more power than other wireless technologies. For this higer battery consumption, you may get much higher performance. WLAN is not inherently poorer performer with regard to...
  • Blog Post: 802.11 WLAN WiFi Power Golden Rule: Minimize Duty Cycle

    IEEE 802.11 WLAN, a.k.a. WiFi, is a dynamic technology being added to a number of CE devices. Increasingly, these devices are battery powered. Under these circumstances driver developers have to trade-off between POWER and PERFORMANCE. Making the wrong assumptions lead to horrible battery life, poor...
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