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  • Blog Post: TCP Timers and Battery Life

    Many modern processors (especially those designed specifically for mobile devices) have various power saving features. One of which is that when the processor is not being used it will go to a lower power mode. This is useful for devices with limited battery life. So it becomes important to not use processor...
  • Blog Post: How come WPUQueueApc returns WSAEOPNOTSUPP for Windows CE

    The Windows CE OS does not support APC's therefore winsock2 also can't support them. The workaround is to create a thread to call the callback function. This is similar to queueing an APC, but of course the callback will happen on a different thread than the calling thread. This can create synchronization...
  • Blog Post: About Omar

    Hi, my name is Omar Maabreh. I work in the Windows CE core networking team. I own winsock, dhcp, tcpip, and several other networking components. I have also done a little bit of bluetooth protocol and profile work.
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