One little tip before I leave town.  A very useful but well-hidden feature is that of "linked files" within a VB or C# project.  This lets you point to a file without having it be copied into the same directory of your project.  You still get syntax coloring, intellisense, etc.  Here's an example of how to do this for a C# WinForms app using VS 2003 (but it should work the same in VS 2002).

Create a C# WinForms application project, e.g. named WindowsApplication1.  Now do Project.Add Existing Item (or hit ctrl+D, or right-click on the project node and do Add / Add Existing Item).  Find the file you want to link to -- a .cs file in some other directory -- BUT DON'T hit the Open button yet!!!  Click the little down-arrow to the right of the Open button and a little menu will pop up.  Pick the bottom entry, "Link File", and click on it.

Boom!  The file you chose is now part of your project, and its icon in the solution explorer is now a little different than the others -- it has a little arrow pointer to indicate that it's a linked file and not sucked into the project directory like the others.

Off I go on vacation -- have a great 4th! -Chris