So, the July stats for the GotDotNet blog pages came out, and I actually showed up with a statistically significant number of hits!  I started my blog in late June, and I had so few hits in June that I didn't even show up in the June report (kind of demoralizing).  But for July I got over a thousand separate visits at my main page (and many more RSS listeners).

So far I've received a handful of blog comments and 0 (yes, zero) direct e-mails.  I had actually considered giving some fake alias to defend against a storm of random e-mails from people asking me to debug their apps for them (this used to happen when I posted on Usenet with my address).  But blog readers are obviously a more sophisticated lot!

(Knowing that someone is listening is important to us bloggers -- it give us good motivation to keep at it!)

Thanks to all those who are tuning in! -Chris