Greetings, all!


Microsoft has announced the broad outline of the material to be presented at the PDC 2003.  See here for the list of tracks & presentations.


Under the “Languages and Tools” section you’ll see a cryptic reference to “a new unified build system”.  This is one of the really cool things we’re working on for Whidbey.  As details get publicized, I’ll keep you all updated.  Until more gets announced, however, that’s all I can say.  (I’m not, alas, an authorized PR representative of Microsoft!)


The PDC will contain a lot of exciting stuff this year.  I probably won’t be able to go myself (due to some scheduling conficts) but plenty of people from our team will be there.  There will not only be cool stuff from VS, but also some great stuff from Longhorn (the next version of Windows).


That’s all for now! -Chris