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August, 2004

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    Soon to be indoctrinated by Ken Schwaber

    After having an interest in Scrum for a while now after reading Agile Software Development with Scrum , I'm finally going to an in-person 2-day course on Scrum by Ken Schwaber when his roadshow makes it to Seattle. I've heard interesting things from folks...
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    Headhunters on the prowl

    I am so jazzed...I've been at Microsoft for 11 years, often prowling public places with my MSFT account, and yet until today I've never had an outside recruiter come after me. But, my drought is finally up. "Barbara" (do they use aliases, I wonder?) called...
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    Command-line build (devenv /build, MSBuild, etc.)

    In the comments about a post I made a year ago about devenv /build ( here ), a person named Peter just a couple weeks ago made the following comment: When we use IDE to build a project, we have the file(s) checked-out, and IDE will build the changes ...
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    Back from the brink

    Jimmy Buffet: " a man just released from indenture" Supertramp: " a ship without an a slave without a chain..." Frank N. Furter: "I'm going home" OK, it's not quite as extreme as the legendary Transylvanian's final trip home...
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