Taking care of a city before a major event like the Olympics is a challenge, especially in these cost sensitive days. The City of London host to the 2012 games has adopted a solution based upon an easrlier successful project in one of its bouroughs in Lewisham. LoveCleanLondon - this solution uses both Windows mobile devices and Windoiws Azure cloud technology to extend an environmental cleansing solution to citizens themselves as well as the City's local governmnent workers.  Each citizen can use their own mobile device to enter details of a report -which is immediately uploaded with the photo  to the cloud based database, which then in turn passes the report to the affected borough in the city who can then follow up and show the completed cleansing work. This is a great example of transparency and efficiency enabled by technology delivering this kind of function at a fraction of the cost - to anyone.

The Mayor Boris Johnson said earlier this year to City Leaders..

"I want to roll out a London-wide on-line mobile reporting application, based on the London Borough of Lewisham’s Love Clean Streets programme…I am seeking your support to develop this programme over the coming months with a view to rolling out London-wide in spring 2011."