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Microsoft and Perspectives on Healthcare technologies

June, 2007

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    And Another Silverlight Game....

    This time its Silverlight 1.1 and its called Zero Gravity , written by Terralever . A colleague introduced me to the game and its fairly novel, considering the newness of the technology. The most amazing this is that it took only 4 weeks to develop. 4...
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    Silverlight Games built on Virtual Earth

    Ok, so my favorite two technologies just came together with one of my favorite hobbies. Andy Beaulieu has put together a game built on Virtual Earth and Silverlight. Essentially you can fight aliens over your house or favorite landmark using Virtual Earth...
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    Acropolis CTP1 Released!

    After many months, we can finally announce the public availibility of Acropolis! You can find the download here: . Acropolis is a framework that allows you to easily build modular applications for the Windows Client...
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