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Tafiti - a cool new way to search

Tafiti - a cool new way to search

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If you have not seen it, check out Tafiti.  Tafiti is a swahili word, meaning "Do Research".  If you are tired of doing searches where all the results come back in a spreadsheet, then Tafiti is your solution.  It will allow you to graphically view all of your search results, save some of your favorites and even see a "Tree View" of search results.  I am including a nice instructional video for you.

 Did I mention that it uses Silverlight?

  • Hmm, looks cool.

    But for some reason my mouse scroll doesn't work with it.

  • I surfed into your blog, and while looking at the first page, I hear this voice start, and am looking around until I realize that there is something on your page that has started playing.

    I really dislike having audio start up without my persmissions. I found the darn thing at the bottom of your page, and then thought I would listen.

    Kinda cool, but PLEASE - do not have the thing start auto-magically on your visitors!

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