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Jackson, MS Visual Studio Event

Jackson, MS Visual Studio Event

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I would like to thank the community in Jackson for having us down to speak, and in particular, New Horizon's for hosting us in their facility.  As promised, I am posting my slides. Feel free to reuse these as you would.

It was my first chance to talk to Keith Elder, and I was rather impressed with a few things about Keith.  First, Keith's home town has the second largest Flea Market in Mississippi.  That is no small feat in Mississippi as I understand that there are a lot of fair sized "open-air" malls over there.  Second, Keith's appetite is only exceeded by his imagination.  The Swamp is quite an affair, and well deserves the name. 

Geek Dinner Hattiesburg Feb 2008 003

Geek Dinner Hattiesburg Feb 2008 002

And lastly, Keith is an incredible speaker.  I am glad that I went before Keith, so I didn't have to follow that act.  Thanks to Keith for jumping in with us!

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