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Netflix on Windows 7 Media Center

Netflix on Windows 7 Media Center

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Several questions were asked during the Innovation Day today about how you can get Netflix on Windows Media Center in Windows 7.  Apparently it will just appear!  I pulled open Media Center after our discussion and behold:




There is was.  More than likely there is some type of download, so be patient and it should arrive in short order.

  • I saw it as a major disappointment:!71F9EC2A9A75BAA5!495.entry

  • I think the gist of your post is about how there is no ability for this plugin to work with Media Center Extenders.  That is about par for the course, as most DRM'd content is not allowed on externders.  Netflix does have an XBOX 360 plugin which is fantastic (and should cover the majority of extenders out there, as well as yours).

  • "A problem occurred during installation. Please try again later."

    I tried again many times later, but never am able to install netflix on wmc

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