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  • Blog Post: From Worst to First (A perspective on Cloud Computing @ MSFT)

    A recent survey found that Microsoft ranked first in Web 2.0 for Developers. Specifically it focused on things like Web Services, API's, ease of use, and how much money one can make. Unfortunately last year we ranked last, but with all the new items coming out, we are certainly giving it a turnaround...
  • Blog Post: Facebook releases an SDK

    An interesting development occurred yesterday. Facebook, 20+ million members, decided to open up their doors and create a platform for SaaS. In an excerpt from a Fortune article: "We want to make Facebook into something of an operating system so you can run full applications," Zuckerberg told me...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Popfly - Bringing Mashups to the Masses

    On May 18th we announced an exciting new tool designed to put Silverlight creation in the hands of everyday folks who want to create exciting interactive interfaces and who want to express themselves on the web. So what is this tool? Announcing Popfly ! So what is Popfly ? Popfly is the fun and...
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