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  • Blog Post: From Worst to First (A perspective on Cloud Computing @ MSFT)

    A recent survey found that Microsoft ranked first in Web 2.0 for Developers. Specifically it focused on things like Web Services, API's, ease of use, and how much money one can make. Unfortunately last year we ranked last, but with all the new items coming out, we are certainly giving it a turnaround...
  • Blog Post: Search client for Windows Mobile

    Its been a long time since my last post, but I thought I would update everyone on a very great tool that I just used on my trip to Alaska. It is an incredibly well designed smart client tool that connects to the internet and delivers comprehensive search results on traffic, locations, phone numbers,...
  • Blog Post: Gates on Web 2.0

    A poster on my last blog entry really got the wheels turning in my brain. Am I becoming one of those marketing hype kind of guys? Well I am sure that I am succumbing partly to that. I am more reactionary - my customers hear this web 2.0 thing, and as a Microsoft representative I have to have some type...
  • Blog Post: What is Web 2.0 anyway?

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