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  • Blog Post: The MSDN Developer Conference is coming…Are you ready? December 16th, Atlanta, GA

      Did you wish you were at PDC?  Well, we can scratch that itch!  Come to the Atlanta, GA MSDN Developer Conference on December 16th. The nature of software development is radically changing... Are you ready? Prepare yourself for a demanding future. Attend the MSDN Developer Conference...
  • Blog Post: WPF Smart Client (hear Anna talk)

    This is a great example of a WPF Smart Client , and its really cool to boot. I havent seen the source code, but I would really like to know how the speech syntesizer works. If anybody has a clue, let me know! I probably spent 1/2 hour just playing with this application.
  • Blog Post: WPF/e - Community preview released (and some great links)

    Well we just released the first publically availible WPF/e code. Why do I think this is newsworthy? Because this is one of the most incredible releases we have done in years! This will provide a WPF-like experience (mostly in 2D) for cross-browser and cross-platform support. There is no requirement to...
  • Blog Post: Cool WPF applications

    With the advent of the new UI in Windows Vista and the capabilities of the Windows Presentation Foundation in .Net 3.0, I thought it would be intersting to share a list of great WPF applications. The use of WPF is so new and so exciting, it can be hard to imagine how to creatively use these new graphical...
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